Free your mind on the future of building with reynaers at BAU 2017


The Reynaers Aluminium’s brand-new stand at the BAU 2017 exhibition in München from 16 to 21 January 2017, sets free the minds of architects, fabricators and other stakeholders in building design and construction. Designed to liberate the creative mind and to entice creative freedom, many of their innovations are integrated into the stand to do justice to the show’s theme, The Future of Building.

The impressive range of Reynaers’ products and solutions on display demonstrates the extent to which they have creatively tailored designs and technology to address worldwide building and construction trends. These include unique regional challenges flowing from climate and weather conditions.

A New Window on the Future

BAU 2017 highlights Reynaers’ ground-breaking new MasterLine 8 aluminium window system. It is the successor of the internationally successful Reynaers Concept System, offering end-users enhanced levels of comfort and security. MasterLine 8 gives designers exceptional architectural freedom with 4 unique design variants, each available in 3 different insulation levels, to achieve made-to-measure performance in terms of energy-efficiency.

In designing the MasterLine platform, special attention was given to the manufacturing and installation of the windows. It provides an optimized production process that includes time- and cost-efficient assembly of its components and simplified installation of the finished elements. The latest additions to MasterLine 8 include a high-end balcony door to combine comfort and improved weather performance, a hidden vent solution and a ventilation vent for an optimal flow of fresh air with excellent water tightness.

Window and Door Solutions of Distinction

Besides MasterLine 8, the Reynaers stand also presents a wide range of other window and door solutions, representing the new advanced extensions and innovative enhancements in terms of superior insulation, ventilation, fire proofing, air and wind resistance, offering new possibilities in architectural design.

The highly insulated Concept System® 86-HI offers a solution for an aesthetically pleasing double panelled entrance door. The flush door, typically used as main entrance, uses panels on both the interior and exterior of the door to give it a unique character.

Sensity, a highly insulated aluminium system for windows, combines the technologically refined aluminium system with high quality wood finishing at the inside. The thermally insulated aluminium frame ensures durability, low maintenance, wind-water tightness and acoustic performance, while the wood finish at the inside provides a warm aesthetical appearance.

SlimLine 38, a highly insulated system that combines comfort with the elegance of a unique slender steel look design, is the perfect solution for modern architecture and for renovation of steel-framed windows. At BAU 2017, the SlimLine 38 Classic double casement door variant and the SlimLine 38 Ferro design variant, demonstrate the possibilities of the minimalistic design appearance of the system.

The brand new SlimLine 68 outward opening windows allow for maximum daylight exposure and feature excellent weather resistance combined with optimal insulation properties. The slim sight lines ensure that even in small windows daylight access isn’t compromised in favour of performance.

The CS 77-FP EI30 door on display is a high-quality flush door solution, certified with fire resistance class EI230. It comes with an innovative glass corner solution: a full glass connection without a corner profile or fixed corner element. This provides an answer to current architectural demands for large glass surfaces with optimal safety.

Sliding and Folding Doors to open up your view

The sliding and folding solutions meet the growing architectural trend towards optimal daylight access and unobstructed views.  Further innovative solutions such as zero threshold, a pocket solution and glass corners make sure boundaries completely disappear and seamlessly combine the inside with the outside.

The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding door creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance to seamlessly extend the building’s interior to the outside. The motorised Hi-Finity three-rail sliding door on display allows users to open up the space even further. The combination with a glass corner solution ensures an infinite view to the outside.

Concept Patio® 155 is a premium insulating slide and lift-slide system, designed to create maximal glass areas, combined with increased comfort. The 2-rail door on display presents the possibility to open up the corner and slide the door panels in-between a wall, making the elements literally disappear.  These type of solutions answers to the growing demand for contemporary living spaces with high performance sliding doors, offering ultimate accessibility and design features.

Concept Patio® 45Pa is a non-insulated sliding system offering a wide range of solutions ideal for applications in warm climates, winter gardens or the partitioning of indoor office spaces. The 2-rail variant on display addresses the increasing demand for the use of large sliding systems in high rise buildings. Such applications require high resistance to wind loads, in addition to comfort and security.

To guarantee full safety in the high rise applications without interfering with the transparency and design, the add-on RB glass balustrade is integrated on the CP 45 Pa sliding door.  This answers to the architectural trend for high rise buildings without balconies.

The Concept Folding 68 door combines design, comfort and space efficiency. The folding principle of this high-quality system allows users to combine thermal comfort and transparency. The wide range of possibilities to unfold up to seven glass panes, either to the inside or to the outside, helps to fade the borders between in- and exterior.

Opening the Curtains on Transparency

The ideal curtain wall solution combines performance and maximum daylight with design freedom.  The solutions on display at BAU 2017 meet these demands head on.

Concept Wall® 50 is a façade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and maximum transparency. The composition on display demonstrates its versatility and shows how an endless range of profile angles can be created without creating drainage problems. Throughout it retains a sleek inner and outer appearance and supports large and heavy glass elements perfectly.

The bespoke Element Façade solution on the stand was specially designed for Reynaers’ new head office building in Duffel. To address all the needs of the building, this new system boasts aesthetical parallel opening windows that do not interrupt the reflection of the glass when opened.  An intelligent design of cassette glazing and frame profile the insulation ensures the insulation without risk of condensation.

Services on Display

Next to high quality aluminium window, door, sliding, folding and curtain wall systems, Reynaers offers a wide range of added value services.  These include among others dedicated research and development, testing and certification, bespoke solutions, support and training and automatization – all designed to make the life of their different partners, such as fabricators and architects,  easier.

With ReynaFlow Reynaers offers fabricators an intelligent control system and workflow manager that optimizes production processes in the realm of ‘smart manufacturing’, also known as Industry 4.0. While most production processes are still manually driven, ReynaFlow digitally links the full manufacturing process, from preparation (cutting, machining), through connection and sealing to the final assembly and finishing. By providing on the spot information, tracking errors and monitoring each phase in real time, both quality and production times are vastly improved. 

Reynaers also features its Building Information Modelling (BIM) libraries, which enables building project teams and their stakeholders to enhance their combined creative ability. The BIM libraries, which are Autodesk® Revit compliant, include a huge array of Reynaers’ windows, doors, sliding doors and sliding/folding doors solutions.

Living the Legend

The new Reynaers stand effectively integrates innovative solutions and technology, being more open and accessible, and featuring higher slim designs to emphasize its ‘Together for Better’ philosophy.  It creates a hospitable interactive space where creative partnerships can flourish and where stakeholders in the building process can team up to run the extra mile and to deliver superior state of the art architectural results.

This aligns well with its extensions to the head office in Duffel, Belgium, which features a high-tech experience and technology centre. The experience centre has a strong focus on virtual reality, offering digital services to the stakeholders. The extensions to the technology centre host new and state-of-the-art capabilities, both for testing and prototyping. Through a 3D animation model, visitors will already be able to bring a visit to this new Reynaers head office.

Free your Mind

With more than 50 years of experience, Reynaers’ display of innovative solutions confirms its thought and technological leadership and its ability to free the mind to fit the needs of market demands.  Higher and more transparent designs, coupled with high insulation values and increased home automation enables designers to bring end-users tailor-made solutions with substantially more options and freedom of choice.

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