Humo Arena

Humo Arena

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In March 2019 Humo Arena, a modern multifunctional ice arena, was opened in the centre of Tashkent (Uzbekistan), designed and built in record time: two years.

The project brought companies and specialists from all over the world together. Erected under the guidance of the general contractor of the project, Enter Engineering (Singapore), Humo Arena opened new opportunities for the city and the country. The project consists out of a main arena - for 12.5 thousand people, a small training arena - for 200-500 people, multi-storey parking for 1737 parking spaces and a landscaped area of 8.77 hectares. The main function of the arena is the ice rink with the possibility to transform the space for concerts or other events, which can be done within 4-5 hours.


Multifunctional ice complex Humo Arena

Developer: Enter Engineering.

Fabricator: "TashTrestStroy".

Total area of façade glazing: 6000 m²

Reynaers Aluminium systems: façade - CW 50-HI, CS 77-HI doors

"In February 2017, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev laid the first stone. From that moment on we designed and built the project at the same time," says Ruslan Amonov (Enter Engineering). The arena was named after the mythical Humo bird, the image of which formed the basis of the architectural concept. The pedestrian stylobate of the arena together with the complex of auxiliary rooms, form a volume resembling the wing of the Humo bird. The architect of the concept was Heerim Architects & Planners (South Korea) and the design of the multifunctional ice complex was developed by the ARENA Design Institute (Russia). The complex with a capacity of 12.5 thousand seats was designed for large sporting and entertainment events and also includes a training arena with 200-500 seats, multi-storey parking for 1737 cars and a landscaped area of 8.77 hectares. "The Humo Arena ice complex has two ice arenas; the main arena and a training arena, between them is a restaurant overlooking both arenas, there is a lobby along the perimeter of the main arena equipped with bathrooms and refreshments for spectators and VIP boxes are designed at one of the highest floors. The different floors are connected with each other by stairs, elevators and escalators. All stories of the arena are accessible by spectators with disabilities. The façades of the arena are designed in a modern architectural style, using high-tech aluminium façade and roofing systems.", - comments Igor Koufonin ("PI Arena").


The main attraction of the arena is the ice rink, where various ice sports activities are held, like hockey, figure skating, etc. It is also possible to completely transform the arena for concerts or other events. This transformation can be done done very quickly - within 4-5 hours. The big advantage of this arena for Uzbekistan is, in particular, that until recently there was no indoor arena in the country where 12 500 people could gather. With the arrival of the arena, world-class stars can safely come to Tashkent, knowing that there is such a platform.


According to Igor Koufonin, the complexity of such facilities lies in the high number of engineering systems that ensure the functioning of the ice arenas. A special microclimate has to be created for the ice rinks, all necessary service need to be in place to welcome a large number of spectators and a solution had to be found to transform the arenas in different levels and directions for events without interrupting the training process. 

“We managed to cope with all the tasks set. It became possible largely due to the project management - from the choice of the designer, his coordination and control, to the parallel implementation of all construction works by all subcontractors, which was carried out by Enter Engineering.” For the coordinator and general contractor, Humo Arena was the first project of its kind: "We at Enter Engineering have always specialised in industrial projects. These are large gas refineries, oil refineries, compressor stations and pipelines. Similar projects are being built mainly in the regions in the middle of the desert. The most important fundamental difference between the Humo Arena project and others is that the multifunctional ice complex is a social, civil project built in the heart of Tashkent. Since it is a large project, located on an area of almost 9 hectares, it had its own peculiarities and difficulties. The most important thing for us was to plan the work correctly, so that on one site a variety of works were conducted at the same time which made it possible to deliver the project on time. It's one thing to build in the middle of the desert and another - in the city centre, where the work is carried out in cramped conditions, there are great restrictions on storage facilities and access to the building," - commented Ruslan Amonov.

“The shape, concept and materials of the façades show that the city has a new world-class facility that decorates the centre and shows that the architecture of Tashkent is progressive. ”Project Institute ARENA

You can safely say that almost the entire world has worked on this project. There are European companies from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Italy and Belgium. As well as  companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea. The Austrian company Oberhofer Stahlbau was engaged in designing and manufacturing the steel structures weighing almost 8 thousand tons.

"We tried to find very reliable partners - companies which have already well proved to be experienced. After all, the time frame was very limited. Similar projects are being built in 4-5 years (2 years for the design phase and 3 years for the implementation) and we have designed and built this project in just 2 years. This must have been the main difficulty of this project. We were very lucky to have suppliers, manufacturers and partners with whom we worked on this project. When we chose our partners, we examined them, checked and double-checked them, visited the production facilities and asked our other colleagues about these companies. But it's a great deal of luck that everything went exactly as planned," says Ruslan Amonov (Enter Engineering).

CW 50-HI Curtain Walls and CS 77 Doors - Sports Humo Arena located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Ruslan Amonov,
Deputy Project Director of Humo Arena, Enter Engineering

"It was possible to meet the record time due to a combination of several factors. Due to the good organisation of work, the help from different state structures when it was required, a thorough selection of partners, suppliers and manufacturers, in particular, companies Oberhofer and Reynaers Aluminium, which very professionally made their products, delivered them on time and often went met with us and even changed their schedules at our request. And, of course, thanks to the dedicated work of our team, who literally lived this project for 2 years.”

For its part, Reynaers Aluminium has done everything possible to quickly manufacture the products and arrange delivery to Uzbekistan within the terms specified by the customer. The first batch of goods was shipped 2 weeks after the order was received. 

The Reynaers Aluminium Systems that were used in this facility: CW 50-HI façade system and CS 77-HI doors. As it is a sports arena with a glass façade, these systems had to meet all the necessary requirements. The CW 50-HI façade system is universal and is used in projects ranging from private homes to stadiums. It makes it possible to create a blank glass wall in which all types of openings, including windows and doors, can be built in. The CW 50 Insert system - integrated into the façade of the top-hung windows (which can open outwards for ventilation) - has been used as an additional ventilation option in emergency cases when central ventilation cannot be used. Over the years, the CS77-HI system has proven itself to be reliable and in this case, it was this system that met the optimum requirements for the width and height of the door opening. The size of the doors is 2400 x 2400 mm, which is why DR.HAHN TUERBAND-4 76.5/20 hinges with a capacity of 1,000,000 opening cycles were used - an important indicator for this type of object with high frequency use.

CW 50-HI Curtain Walls and CS 77 Doors - Sports Humo Arena located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Igor Koufonin,
architect, ARENA Design Institute

"The modern appearance of the multifunctional ice complex Humo Arena allows you to look into the architectural future of the capital of Uzbekistan. The shape, concept and materials of the façades show that the city has a new world-class facility that decorates the centre and shows that the architecture of Tashkent is progressive. I am sure that the introduction of such an object into the city structure will encourage further development of modern architecture in the city.”

CW 50-HI Curtain Walls and CS 77 Doors - Sports Humo Arena located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Michael of Kara,
Head of Export Sales, Reynaers Aluminium Ukraine

"Enter Engineering has set up the work between all contractors in the best possible way to ensure that the facility was finished on time and in the shortest possible time. We thank Enter Engineering, as a general contractor and its customer, for their trust in us and for the way we work together.

We worked closely with our partner in Uzbekistan, the Tash-Trestroy manufacturing company, on the project. "TashTrestStroy has the necessary equipment, qualified engineering staff and trained personnel. Thanks to the fast and high quality work of TashTrestStroy, it was possible to install all the stained-glass windows in a short period of time."

CW 50-HI Curtain Walls and CS 77 Doors - Sports Humo Arena located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Khurram Ibrahimov,

"For us, all projects are unique and interesting but Humo Arena stood out with its uniqueness, scale, central location in the city and tight deadlines. The quality of the work was particularly important, and all the companies that worked on the site delivered this. Each project has its own difficulties, but there were practically no difficulties here. All subcontractors, including Reynaers Aluminium Ukraine, worked quickly and qualitatively. We are satisfied with the result.

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