Reynaers Aluminium extends its storage capacity by almost 20,000 m²


Renovation and extension of warehouses as part of expansion plan

Duffel, June 2016 – Reynaers Aluminium is expanding with new warehouses on the Duffel site. These warehouses offer additional logistic capacity covering an area of almost 20,000 m² and are part of the company’s ambitious investment plans. Reynaers Aluminium hereby aims to capitalise on further growth opportunities with its leading architectural aluminium systems on both the domestic and foreign markets.

“The new warehouses are a result of the continued growth in our product range and turnover and will provide additional storage capacity for all existing markets. Not only is the logistical area now greater, the office area is also being extended with a prestigious new building designed by Jaspers-Eyers Architects”, confirms Martine Reynaers, CEO of Reynaers Aluminium.

Reynaers Aluminium is investing well over 25 million Euros in the expansion and renovation of its head office and warehouses in Duffel. This is all part of an international investment plan of 50 million Euros. With this plan Reynaers Aluminium is supporting its strategic ambition, to build its current turnover from 360 million Euros (2015) to a level of 500 million Euros by 2020.

Optimisation of logistic processes

The warehouses previously covered an area of almost 50,000 m². The additional 20,000 m² allows various orders to be collected simultaneously and to be dispatched more quickly. 12,000 m² is to be set aside for the storage of accessories and components, including hinges, locks, gaskets and fixing materials. The remaining 8,000 m² will serve as additional storage space for aluminium profiles.

The new buildings easily meet the latest fire regulations and required insulation levels, guaranteeing optimum safety and limiting energy consumption.

Large skylights and windows create a pleasant working environment. The work zones are fitted with domes that boost normal daylight levels using a system of mirrors. In this way natural light is optimised without having to use more electricity.


Now that the new warehouses are in use, the old warehouse can be demolished. The building, which is the oldest one on the Duffel site, is to make way for a new 6,000 m² building, extending the insulation department Erap, which recently installed a second state of the art Aluroller SF to thermally insulate aluminium profiles more efficiently. 

The new building also makes more space for the current Reynaers Institute, the company’s testing, training and automation centre. This new testing centre will contain a unique installation featuring a 15 metre high, state-of-the-art testing wall used for façade systems, where air, wind and water simulations can be executed on entire construction. Extra testing walls for window and door systems are to be added, as well as a new stand for cyclical and mechanical tests. The Reynaers Institute is also home to the ‘R-Lab’, a special laboratory for R&D projects, where solutions are tested at an early stage by using rapid prototyping and 3D printing. 

Focus on green surroundings

The green space around the new building is to be redesigned and extended. This extra greenery at the Reynaers site in Duffel should allow modified and sustainable water management. The design gives plenty of focus on creating green buffers, improving the view for local residents. There is also to be a ring road around the site, a new waste recycling area and improved parking facilities.

This extension and renovation of the Duffel site reinforces our roots in Belgium, from which we shall continue to develop our local and international growth in a sustainable manner. In this way we are actively investing in our operations and employment opportunities in Duffel, and in our position on the international market. Indeed, we are confident in our global growth potential, and in the future and success of our aluminium solutions”, concludes Martine Reynaers.  

Photos: Gianni Camilleri

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