Reynaers' CW 50 Extensions: maximum natural light and thermal performance for ultimate design using sophisticated connections


The Concept Wall 50 system for facades and roofs offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency and superb thermal efficiency. The CW 50 is available in several design and glazing variants, but also includes different technical variants to comply with specified levels of fire-resistance and thermal insulation.

Extensions to the CW 50 system offer new innovative solutions for higher glass weights, easy assembly and quick installation, improved energy efficiency and sophisticated connections of profiles. These solutions stand for excellence and ultimate design applications within this proven curtain wall system.

Ultimate freedom in curtain wall design


A first extension to the CW 50 system features an extensive range of profiles with which a wealth of design constructions can be created.  The profiles can be connected to one another in an infinite number of overlapping levels. The unique overlap method provides perfect performance in terms of water and air tightness (up to 1200 Pa). This gives architects extensive creative freedom in facade design: the division and coupling of glass surfaces is unlimited, and the integration of diagonal lines is simple.


Larger elements and triple glazing


A second extension to the CW 50 system makes the system perfectly suited for much larger glass panes and for the use of triple glazing. The maximum glass thickness can measure up to 61 mm and the system can carry a maximum weight of 700 kg thanks to a special glass support. With this addition in the CW 50 system, specific bespoke solutions are no longer required for such extra-large glass panels.


Simplified assembly for better energy efficiency

The High Insulation variant of CW 50 makes use of improved insulation profiles, resulting in an insulation value (Uf) down to 0.56 W/m²K with a glass thickness of 60 mm. (Previously, this was 0.73 W/m²K, while for the standard CW 50 system an Uf value of 1.7 W/m²K applies).

An additional advantage of this new CW 50-HI system is the ease of production and installation. The insulation foam profiles consist of hard and soft elements. The soft element is pre-cut, so that drainage canals can be incorporated in a simple manner. The hard element offers ideal guidance for the screws. Lastly, the installation is made even more convenient due to the fact that the glass no longer has to be taped using waterproof tape, yet it can offer an ultimate air- and water-tightness level up to 1950 Pa.


Easy assembly and quick installation

As a final innovation, CW 50-TT (Transom-Transom) makes the facade construction even easier. This extension ensures that the facade can be constructed with a single profile, without complex operations. Through the pre-assembly option, the construction of a facade can take place in a quick and cost-efficient manner. The CW 50-TT is compatible with the standard CW 50 system and its CW 50-TT/SC (Structural Clamped) and CW 50-TT/HL (Horizontal Lining) design variants. The CW 50-TT system has the same insulation value as the standard CW 50 and CW 50-HI (High Insulation) and it can support the same maximum weights and offers an ultimate air- and water-tightness level up to 1200 Pa.


Wide range of opening types

Various opening types can be seamlessly integrated within the CW 50. These include the top hung window (THW), parallel opening windows (POW), hidden vent turn and tilt windows (HV-TUTI) and flush roof vents (FRV). Several aesthetical connection profiles allow a concealed integration of other Reynaers window and door systems as well.


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