Reynaers set to free creative minds on the future of building at BAU 2017


Duffel, December 2016 – Reynaers Aluminium, leading European provider of sustainable architectural aluminium solutions, will host stakeholders at a brand-new state of the art stand at the BAU 2017 exhibition in München from 16 to 21 January 2017. Its striking stand was designed to introduce visitors to its theme for 2017, Free Your Mind, which supports the show’s theme, The Future of Building.

At BAU 2017, Reynaers will vividly demonstrate how its latest range of aluminium solutions breaks the shackles of conventional thinking, allowing architects the freedom to make almost any architectural dream come true. The boundaries between what can be done and what has always been dreamed of are rapidly blurring, and Reynaers is playing a leading role in this.

The vast array of Reynaers’ products and solutions on display will reflect dominant worldwide building and construction trends, demonstrating the extent to which it has successfully adapted designs and technology to address regional needs and unique climate and weather conditions globally.

Introducing MasterLine 8

One of the highlights at BAU 2017 will be its new MasterLine 8; the ground-breaking aluminium window system of the future. It is the successor of the internationally successful Reynaers Concept System, and brings end-users enhanced levels of comfort and security. Furthermore, MasterLine 8 offers designers exceptional architectural freedom with numerous design variants and scores particularly high in terms of energy-efficiency. Special attention was given to the manufacturing and installation of the windows. It provides an optimized production process that includes time- and cost-efficient assembly of the components and simplified installation of the finished elements. To further enhance Smart Manufacturing, Reynaers introduced ReynaFlow, its dedicated software package, designed to optimize, control and improve the production process.

In addition to MasterLine 8, visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience numerous other door, window, sliding door, façade, folding door and bespoke solutions. These solutions offer advanced new extensions and innovative enhancements in terms of superior insulation, fire proofing, air and wind resistance, ventilation, and water drainage solutions. New approaches to opening up spaces through the use of large glass surfaces, often without fixed corner elements, yet without loss in high insulation values, are featured in several of the products on display.

On top of all these innovations, Reynaers also features its Building Information Modelling (BIM) libraries, which enables building project teams and their stakeholders to enhance their combined creative ability. The BIM libraries, which are Autodesk® Revit compliant, include a huge array of Reynaers’ windows, doors, sliding doors and sliding/folding doors solutions.

Living the Legend

The Reynaers stand effectively integrates new solutions and technology, being more open and accessible, and featuring higher slim designs to emphasize its ‘Together for Better’ philosophy. It creates a hospitable interactive space where creative partnerships can flourish and where stakeholders in the building process can team up to run the extra mile and to deliver superior state of the art architectural results. This aligns well with its extensions to the head office in Duffel, Belgium, which features a high-tech experience and technology centre. The experience centre has a strong focus on virtual reality, offering digital services to the stakeholders. The extensions to the technology centre host new and state-of-the-art capabilities, both for testing and prototyping. Through a 3D animation model, visitors will already be able to bring a visit to this new Reynaers head office.

Free your Mind

With more than 50 years of experience, Reynaers’ display of innovative solutions confirms its thought and technological leadership and its ability to free the mind to fit the needs of market demands. Higher and more transparent designs, coupled with high insulation values and increased home automation enables designers to bring end-users tailor-made solutions with substantially more options and freedom of choice.

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