CR 120

CR 120

Concept Roof 120

Conservatory of your dreams

Concept Roof® 120 is a highly insulated roof system, offering a wide range of styles and roof configurations to perfectly match your conservatory or orangery. By choosing for the Functional, Orangerie or Renaissance style, this high-end glass roof brings the desired atmosphere to your conservatory. Even integrated lighting is possible to achieve a complete aesthetical solution.

CR 120 meets the high requirements regarding thermal insulation and it can seamlessly be combined with the high insulation solutions for windows, doors, sliding and folding doors. Furthermore, this system is designed to allow complex conservatory constructions and skylights for annexes or detached constructions. The integration of flush roof vents is also possible. These can be electrically operated if desired.


Technical information


Min. Visible width of rafter60 mm 
Min. Glass thickness6 mm 
Max. Glass thickness40 mm 


Air tightness max. test pressure1 (150 Pa)